Papermaking Conversions

May 5 - 8, 2019 | Indianapolis, IN, USA

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Papermaking Conversions

Monday, May 6 - Wednesday, May 8
Indiana Convention Center

"In the Papermaking Conversions track, we are focusing on how to take those same resources—equipment, facilities, and the people and their talent—and convert and manage them to a new product. How do you best meet the demands of tomorrow with the equipment you have today?" - Todd Varner, Process Engineering Department Manager, Jacobs, and Papermakers Planning Committee member


The Papermaking Conversions track is organized by TAPPI's Papermakers Technical Program Committee and will concentrate on conversions and optimization in the papermaking process.

Great for machine superintendents/operators, engineers, technical support, and mill managers


Papermaking Conversions Track at a Glance


Technical Sessions

•  Supplier Experiences with Paper Machine Conversions - PM1
•  Optimizing Strength on Containerboard Grades - PM3
•  QCS Optimization - PM4B/PC4
•  Auxilary Considerations for Conversions and Optimization - PM5B
•  Managing Papermachine Conversions - PM6A
•  Optimizing Papermachine Wetends - PM6B
•  Optimizing Papermachine Energy Consumption - PM7
•  Dryer Section Optimization - PM8A
•  Optimizing Paper Quality - PM8B


•  Setting the Pace Through Conversions and Optimization - PM2
•  Papermakers - PM5A/PA5
•  Wrap-up - PM9

Panel Discussion

•  Converting and Optimizing Stock Prep Systems - PM4A/RPTA4


View the full Papermaking Conversions Track schedule to learn more about the technical presentations and speakers.


Program subject to change.




Industry Spotlight

Todd Varner shares his insights on industry issues and staying competitive

Learn how the Papermaking Conversions track addresses these key issues.

Todd Varner, Jacobs

Todd Varner

Process Engineering Department Manager, Jacobs, and Papermakers Planning Committee member

The success of PaperCon is largely due to the working professionals who plan the technical program. These volunteer leaders rely on their industry experience to create a program that actively addresses the critical issues attendees face on their jobs every day.

TAPPI was able to talk to Todd Varner and get his thoughts on key issues currently facing the industry and how mills can stay competitive in the future.

Read Todd's full interview